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We provide quality targeted Facebook Fan page like services for you with the best quality and affordable prices as our main aim. Our Fanpage likes come from all over the world (mostly from the USA or UK) giving you the widest range of potential customers.

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500+ Fanpage likes targeted from US. $19
1,000+ Fanpage likes targeted from US $29
500+ Photo likes targeted from the US. $19
750+ Photo likes targeted from the US. $24
2000+ Fanpage likes targeted from US. $49
2000+ Photo likes targeted from the US $49

Total Price: $0

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When ordering, please paste the full Facebook Fanpage or photo URL (http://www.facebook.com/ … etc) in the comments section on the PayPal order page. If you forget to do that, you may send us your Full fan page URL (web address) in the contact form by clicking here.

If you have any questions regarding your order (or any pre-order questions) please use the “Contact Us” form and we’ll get back to you immediately.

Page likes are typically delivered within 24-48 hours or payment. You should see likes appearing within 24 hours and the entire order should be delivered within 48 hours. Larger orders might take a few days. Likes are delivered from real Facebook accounts using all resources available to us in our vast network. Interaction can not be guaranteed so it’s up to you to interact with your followers using normal Facebook practices.

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